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The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna is officially an independent sovereign nation, with sovereignty originally being recognised in 714 BCE by the Assyrian Kingdom, and in modern times by multiple nations globally.

The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna originally existed in ancient times with a rich cultural history deeply rooted in art, science, medicine, agriculture, animal husbandry and advanced building practices. Inspired by the past, committed to the present and hopeful for the future, The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna is reinvigorating, developing and sustaining the Kingdom founded on the values of loyalty, honour and respect.

The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna’s vision is not simply for the benefit of The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna and her own citizens, but also for the benefit of all other sovereignties and their citizens, and for all of nature itself.

The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna has the capacity and willingness to provide support and protection to other sovereignties, while they work towards their own sovereignty at every level and become completely independent unto themselves.

It is an honour for The DUKE OF MANNA Brand to share this information with you regarding our history, vision, commitment and objectives. His Majesty Michael-Uriel I, thanks you for blassing US taking an interest in the "DUKE OF MANNA" ™ BRAND...


WELCOM to the

Unveiling the Royal Indulgence: The "DUKE OF MANNA" Collection

In the gilded halls of opulence, a new standard of luxury has emerged with the launch of the esteemed "DUKE OF MANNA" collection. This regal brand, born from the confluence of unparalleled craftsmanship and a relentless pursuit of perfection, promises to transport discerning connoisseurs to a realm of unrivaled pleasure and refinement.

The story of the "DUKE OF MANNA" begins in the most hallowed corners of the world, where the finest raw materials are sourced and nurtured with the utmost care and precision. From the sun-drenched tobacco fields of Cuba to the lush vineyards of Champagne, France, each ingredient that graces the "DUKE OF MANNA" collection is hand-selected by a team of seasoned experts, ensuring a level of quality that is truly unparalleled.

The artisanal craftsmanship that goes into every "DUKE OF MANNA" product is a testament to the unwavering commitment to excellence. Master cigar-rollers, skilled vintners, and renowned chocolatiers come together to breathe life into these regal creations, employing time-honored techniques passed down through generations to achieve a level of perfection that is truly awe-inspiring.

Whether it's the rich, velvety notes of a "DUKE OF MANNA" Cuban cigar, the captivating effervescence of the "DUKE OF MANNA" Pink Champagne, or the decadent indulgence of the "DUKE OF MANNA" Artisanal Chocolate Collection, each product in this esteemed lineup is a masterpiece of its own, designed to cater to the discerning tastes of the most discerning connoisseurs.

Encased in exquisite, regal-inspired packaging that pays homage to the brand's heritage, the "DUKE OF MANNA" collection is a true work of art, a physical embodiment of the relentless pursuit of perfection and the unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. From the moment one lays eyes on these captivating creations, the senses are immediately transported to a realm of unparalleled luxury and refinement.

Whether savored in the comfort of a private sanctuary or shared with esteemed companions, the "DUKE OF MANNA" collection promises to elevate the art of indulgence to new heights, ushering in a new era of regal refinement and unrivaled pleasure.

Prepare to be enchanted, for the "DUKE OF MANNA" has arrived, redefining the very essence of luxury and inspiring a new generation of connoisseurs to embrace the splendor of the extraordinary.

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During the 10th through 7th centuries BCE in The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna was a land of prosperity and joy, ruled by the wise and just King Ahsheri. The citizens of The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna were known as the Mannaeans. The kingdom was renowned for its lush vineyards, which produced the finest grapes in the land. Among these vineyards was the legendary Duke of Manna estate, where the royal family's personal champagne was crafted.

According to legend, King Ahsheri had a vision to create a champagne that would surpass all others, a drink fit for the gods. He summoned the finest winemakers in the land and tasked them with crafting a champagne that would capture the essence of the kingdom's beauty and magic.

After years of experimentation, the winemakers finally succeeded in creating a champagne of unparalleled quality, with a delicate pink hue and a flavor that was both sweet and subtle. The king was overjoyed and declared this champagne the official drink of the Kingdom of Manna, naming it Pink Champagne Duke of Manna.

From that day on, Pink Champagne Duke of Manna was served at every royal occasion, from coronations to weddings and state visits. Its fame spread throughout the land, and people would travel from far and wide to taste the legendary champagne.

As the centuries passed, the Kingdom of Manna prospered, and Pink Champagne Duke of Manna became a symbol of the kingdom's wealth and happiness. The champagne was said to have magical properties, bringing joy and prosperity to all who drank it.

To this day, the legacy of Pink Champagne Duke of Manna lives on, and its iconic bottle is still raised in celebration of life's most precious moments, a testament to the power of tradition, quality, and the magic of the Kingdom of Manna. Cheers!

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In the Kingdom of Manna, where the air was sweet and the land was fertile, the royal family had long been renowned for their exquisite culinary delights. Their food products range, bearing the royal crest, was coveted by gourmands from far and wide. Among these delicacies, a new addition was made: the premium range of activated mineral spring water, "Duke of Manna".

Legend had it that the kingdom's wisest scholars had discovered a hidden spring deep within the nearby mountains, whose waters possessed extraordinary properties. The spring was said to be blessed by the ancient gods, imbuing the water with minerals and essences that would rejuvenate the body and soothe the mind.

The royal family, eager to share this gift with their people, commissioned the finest artisans to craft elegant bottles worthy of the precious liquid. And so, the "Duke of Manna" was born – a premium range of activated mineral spring water, adorned with the royal crest and presented in exquisite crystal bottles.

As the news of this marvelous water spread, people from all over the kingdom flocked to taste its wonders. They marveled at the subtle flavors, the refreshing effervescence, and the invigorating sensation that lingered long after the last sip. The "Duke of Manna" became the drink of choice for royal banquets, state visits, and even the most intimate gatherings of friends and family.

The kingdom's chefs, inspired by the water's versatility, crafted exquisite recipes that showcased its unique properties. They infused it with herbs and essences, creating signature cocktails that dazzled the senses. The "Duke of Manna" soon became an integral part of the kingdom's culinary heritage, a symbol of refinement, luxury, and the royal family's unwavering commitment to excellence.

And so, the legend of the "Duke of Manna" lived on, a testament to the magic that lay just beneath the surface of the Kingdom of Manna – a reminder that even the most precious treasures can be found in the most unexpected places, waiting to be discovered and savored.


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