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Jesus is the continual unending fountain humanity desperately needs. And yet, here at the cross Jesus the Living Water was humiliated to the point where He cries out, “I thirst.”
I’ve been meditating lately on the final words of Jesus. It occurs to me that most of these words are gigantic, universe-exploding, theologically powerful words: Jesus pleads for His enemies, “Father, forgive them....", not as an ordinary man, but as the Divine Son of the Father. He, as the second person of the Trinity, can declare unequivocally that a man will indeed be with him in heaven. He alone, as the only truly sinless human, has the right to scream out to God’s throne, “Why have you forsaken me?” He can declare with certainty when “It is finished” and He can confidently commend His spirit into His Father’s hands. We are hearing in these words’ reminders of Christ’s divine power and righteousness.
But then there’s these other critically relevant words: “I thirst.”
There’s something different about these words. Like the request made on behalf of his mother to his disciple John (John 19:26-27), these words have a different tone to them. These words demonstrate vulnerability, a need, dare I say it, even weakness. Indeed, the words “I thirst” are the words of a man. Yes a perfect man, but a man nonetheless. They are the words of every man, of every person. At least in some small sense, to be human is to utter the words: “I thirst”.
These words make perfect sense. Scholars tell us that because of the beatings and loss of blood that Jesus endured, He would have been severely dehydrated by this time. As a real flesh and blood person, Jesus is experiencing exactly what would happen to anyone else experiencing a similar situation. The point is, in the words, “I thirst” we hear Jesus saying to us, “I understand, I know limitations, I can identify with you.” Thus, the author of Hebrews says, “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathise with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin.”
I also can’t help but hear in these words the humiliation of Christ.
You remember the famous story of Jesus conversing with the Samaritan woman at the well? Whilst there, He declares to her (and to us) that He is the Living Water. The title is given to show us that from Jesus there is an everlasting spring that will quench our spiritual thirst. Indeed, He even tells the woman he’s speaking to in the passage,
"Everyone who drinks of this water (pointing to the well) will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life." (John 4:13-14).



Do you hear it? Jesus is the continual unending fountain that humanity desperately needs. And yet, there at the cross, Jesus the Living Water was humiliated to the point where He cries out, “I thirst.” The church’s Father Augustine, poetically paints a picture of the scene for us: “Man’s maker was made man that He, Ruler of the stars might nurse at His mother’s breast; that the Bread might hunger, the Fountain thirst, the Light sleep, the Way be tired on its journey; that Truth might be accused of false witness, the Teacher be beaten with whips, the Foundation be suspended on wood, that Strength might grow weak; that the Healer might be wounded; that Life might die.”

Duke of Manna water brand

Without a doubt, water is absolutely essential for our health, we could not survive without it. That said, there is more to water than many people realise.

Rather than simply being an inactive physical substance, Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto demonstrated that water also has the ability to receive and retain information from its environment. He even theorised and investigated the concept that the thoughts and emotions of a person could have an effect on the molecular structure of water. This was as a result of the underlying frequencies from the person interfering with the formation of solid water crystals.

Similar conclusions have been drawn by Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington, who found that water is greatly affected by sunlight – which is made up of visible light, ultraviolet and infrared radiation – and this can alter the molecular structure of water, creating what is known as structured water.


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Nature designed the human body as a unique self-organizing system.
In the Quantum approach, each positive, or negative emotion, or thought affects the development of the entire organism. The body's cells are constantly interactive to our thoughts and are influenced daily by them.
Through the synchronized harmony of cellular resonance, one can gain a better understanding of the human body and restore it to optimal health. The proper use of Universal Spherical Fractals on water bottle labels and imprinting electronic homeopathy device stabilizes all major illnesses on a cellular level.
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Our Water does many things for better health and the overall well-being of all living things; human, animals and plant life. The pH of most drinking water (bottled and tap) and recovery drinks are generally at acidic levels or neutral at best. When the "I THIRST" WATER® catalyst is added to water, it raises the pH from acidic to alkaline in a range of 9.2 pH to 10.2 pH, bringing it to a healthy level of alkaline water that will not dissipate over time.
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