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If you are committed to a healthy lifestyle, make drinking enough naturaly activated DUKE OF MANNA & "I THIRST" WATER® a dayly habit in your life.

It won't take long for you to feel the incredible positive changes in your body.

Bands of the "DUKE OF MANNA® & "I THIRST" WATER® is a revolutionary tool that powerfully enhances the properties, quality and the effects of drinking water dayly, by transforming it into a coherent, liquid crystalline state.
In regular water, the H2O molecules move in a chaotic and irregular manner.

Whereas, "I THIRST" WATER®  radically changes the state of water by rearranging the H2O molecules into a liquid crystalline structure.
That structure, and its stability, has a remarkable, positive influence on all living things.

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In recent years, in an age of energy and information technology, where the rapid development of research related to the influence of the flow of information on the physiological state of animals and humans. Developed and perfected, by the international team of scientists and having no analogues in the world, the Matrix-Holographic Technology for Quantum-Physics augmented structured, activated water is perfect for positively enhancing drinking water and is specifically suitable for humans and animals.
As you are aware, activated water is a potent bio-stimulant that hastens the production of endogenous hormones, stimulates intestinal secretory function, normalises metabolic processes, and enhances the redox potential of cells. However, we have managed to imbue it with novel, previously undiscovered properties and greater biological activity.
Our technology improves water quality and normalises its structure by breaking up large clusters. This removes the inherently harmful cellular level information load, which can negatively affect the human body. Water processed using our technology has an optimal redox potential and a special structure that allows it to penetrate the smallest capillaries of the body, providing maximum benefits.
Our technology enables us to produce water with unique properties. It is individually activated, meaning that the person who activates it receives water that brings maximum benefit to them. For other people, it will be just ordinary water.
The technology works on the “winner takes all” principle for animals and plants; whoever starts using it first will benefit the most. Water activation in animals does not occur individually, as it does in humans, but rather depends on the biological species that is consuming it.
Our activated water is not a medicine, but it does have a demonstrated beneficial effect on all organs and systems of the body. Its physicochemical composition is similar to that of the best spring water. Our water has no contraindications or negative side effects, even during chemoradiotherapy or other types of treatment. On the contrary, it reduces the negative side effects of medication.
In addition, our "I THIRST" WATER® normalizes insulin secretion, reduces blood sugar levels, counteracts fatty liver degeneration, and regulates lipid levels.
Our water is also beneficial for healthy individuals as it improves mood, normalizes weight, promotes rejuvenation, and slows down the aging process.
Our hydrodynamic generator produces water with a unique characteristic - an increase in the conductivity currents over time, indicating an increase in biological activity. This demonstrates the stable quality of water processed using our technology.
Additionally, our technology is easily scalable, allowing us to process water in industrial quantities and supply it to consumers in standard packaging.

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Duke of Manna water brand
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